Better future for generation (BFG) is a non-governmental organization  registered since 2014 with Rwanda Governance board (RGB). The organization is operating in Rwanda  aiming To promote Social inclusion and human rights for PWDs, increasing sustainable development for youth and women with disabilities  raise welfare in communities, Improvement activities and economic integration in society, non-discrimination as other citizen ,builds the capacities of Persons with disabilities in particular and those who are most vulnerable people.

BFG  Capacity building focus  on rights and health promotion to PWDs,  Training of TVET, and vulnerable populations is the first step to helping people live healthy lives, improve standard of living, abilities, recognizing the interdependence among multiple actors   BFG collaborate with government, civil society organizations local and international and the private sectors, with a goal toward enhancing the short and long term potential for Disabilities and Venerable Population to support fights against Poverty and promotion of rights for PWDs in country.

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