BFG is an organization  which are operated in Rwanda focusing health of disability mainstreaming in HIV/Aids responses and builds the capacity of persons with disabilities (PWDs) to be able to participate in the mainstreaming development process and fights against HIV and other incredible disease to improve their healthy. BFG’ Capacity partnering with civil society organizations and   government institutions through and national development partners building focus on HIV/Aids, health promotion and disability rights.

It has got strong regional Health Getting the right products  and services to PWDs and vulnerable populations is the first step to helping people live healthy lives; equally important is making sure they are in a supportive circumstance  that facilitate fairness  and  consistent acts . BFG  as an organization  introduce , promote and defend health and development as the act of motivating people to adopt healthier behaviors, such as using condom and firth violence to PWDs  From radio to print and social media to outreach in communities, so that to be most effective. We also study behaviors, motivators, barriers, and other things that may influence decisions about health BFG connects with people where they are in compelling and culturally appropriate ways.

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