BFG Technical skills in Kigali City’s Nyarugunga area in Kicukiro District people with disabilities, Youth and various vocational training courses, among them carpentry, the sewing , ICT and hair dressing.
The training that ranged from three months was supported by the BFG and Reintegration Inclusion in associate in work after training partnership with the National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD).
NCPD’s Executive Secretary, of BFG that there was need to create jobs among the disabled to improve their competitiveness on the job market.“The skills acquired will contribute to their ability to be self-reliant and also take active part in the country’s development,” he said.
He advised the graduates to use skills they have acquired to be the stepping stone to improve on their socio-economic wellbeing. “We need positive outcomes from the skills and knowledge you have gained not only to prove that people with disabilities youth and woman are able but also as a way to contribute to the development of the country,” he said. need to join cooperatives to be able to pool resources together and easily access support from various partners.“The training will help them overcome unemployment which has been rampant among all them,” he said
I had grown to accept this, but now after this tailoring course I know I can do many things. I’m now ready to change the history of my life by abandoning begging and becoming a famous tailor,” he said. encouraged all stakeholders to help change people’s mind-set so as to develop Rwanda’s economy through TVET. we are while officially opening the 2013 TVET symposium under the theme ‘Involvement of the private sector in the promotion and implementation of technical skills in youth person with disabilities and woman to be owner jobs and this it ways to be upcoming and young entrepreneurs to grow up into large companies.
Executive secretary of BFG called on the private sector to always give TVET final students opportunity for industrial attachment. The official launch was simultaneously held with the graduation of pioneer students in hairdressing in ICT and sewing to give opportunity to worker and show your skills
Bfg after said such training is provided to give a clear vision to beneficiaries to make all in different cooperative for easily advocacy effectively use their skills on the labor market , on what they really need in life as professional hairdressers. a country that still lacks enough professional hairdressers.
“I have a dream of making my own salon using the special skills I acquired from professional tutors at the academy,” Betty said.
Sewing underwent further developments in technical skills. As sewing machines became more affordable to the working class, demand for sewing patterns grew. People with disabilities, women and youth had become accustomed to seeing the latest fashions in periodicals during the training and increasing demand for sewing patterns yet more.
The spread of industrialized western closing style made the traditional sewing techniques being outdated. However, a recent examination of new online learning methods demonstrated that technology can be adapted to share knowledge of a culture’s traditional sewing methods. In collaboration with WDA, BFG has established a vocational training center where advanced hand sewing techniques are being taught to local population, and eventually putting them into cooperatives to help them to create their own jobs.

The world’s economy has now transformed from not just an industrial economy but to an Information age, thus bringing Information and Communication Technologies to the fore front of a developed economy. There are a number of roles played by ICT in development of a knowledge economy, among which we have source of knowledge such as e-library, online business such as e-payment, Good governance such as e-governance-health, etc…
According to RDB/IT, Information and Communication Technology is a central engine to driving Rwanda’s transformation to a knowledge based economy.

As Rwanda continues to be one of the fastest growing African countries in ICT, BFG has identified the sector as one of the professional and practical disciplines that can quickly equip youth with skills that are much needed in the professional workplace. Additionally, as computer literacy has become mandatory to any career chosen, we equips to our students basic knowledge of ICT, regardless of their chosen career.
We provide intensive short courses in MS-Office, Databases, Networking and web design to our beneficiaries, and our target is to equip our students with a better employment possibility, as we believe ICT skills are fundamental to overall economic development.

A number of students have benefited to our free of charge ICT courses, and our aim is to do more….

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