Education improves functional and analytical ability and thereby opens up opportunities for  PWDs  individuals and also groups  to achieve greater access to labor markets and livelihoods. A better educated labor force is essential if we are to meet the labor supply requirements of faster growth. Education is not only an instrument of enhancing efficiency but is also an effective tool of widening and augmenting democratic participation and upgrading the overall quality of individual and society life.

BFG offers skills training in various technical skills. The nature of courses on offer is based on market demand, labor market, hand on skills and through on-going evaluation with our target group of persons with disabilities and vulnerable nd Training (TVET) is integrated with Life Skills and Entrepreneurship education. Where available, our courses are linked to government vocational training systems, or accredited by relevant local authorities. Each semester, students who pass their exams receive their certificates at festive graduation ceremonies. Our integrated TVET has evolved over the years and is now being delivered in three different courses: ICT , Sewing and Hairdressing.

Our main way of training delivery: Centre-based training
At our centers, persons with disabilities and vulnerable population  participate in the integrated TVET training program for periods ranging from 3 months to 6 months depending on the course and level. The 75% practical exposure is made possible by our unique  hand on skills  Model whereby all courses are take place to centers , saloon and digital labs where it suppose to pay rent for the use of TVET facilities and equipment while also training our students on-the-job. The curriculum is defined. Actually based on Workforce Development Authority (WDA)  , and the quality of education controlled, by BFG staff. Life Skills education and Entrepreneurship training form a part of the curriculum.


underwent considerable developments during As sewing machines became more affordable, demand for sewing patterns grew. In many countries, through new and old sewing technologies, persons with disabilities (PWDs) and have helped thousands people in their families  to fight for  poverty reduction .

With the aim to ensure that families manage their own lives themselves,  (BFG) has bought the initiative of creating a sewing centre offered to the beneficiaries for free of charge; our students spend more than three or six  months acquiring sewing skills.

At the end of the day, our graduates are  able to sew clothing and other items which they can sell in the market and get  money to be able to have power for  market   decisions for themselves and bring their families out of poverty. Furthermore, we encourage our graduates to create/join existing   sewing cooperatives so that they can grow and be able to sustain. ability design new styles, create new techniques, or create a marketing campaign. After training and Entrepreneurship their must  highly believe in your own ability, be decisive enough to make a quick decision, and then follow through with it without second guessing yourself.

Better Future for Generation   is working in Rwanda, since 2014 with different components. Out of them, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and vulnerable empowerment program is one of the major components including different sectors as, sewing and PWDs education and life skills. BFG has been co-coordinating different technical activities especially to provide sustainable income sources and making good entrepreneur for PWDs and Vulnerable People.

BFG co-coordinating, organizing and implementing sewing/cutting program in Rwanda  for 160 Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and vulnerable people in 2015-206 many for them have jobs  . The main objectives are to utilize targeted participants by improve their skills in sewing

BFG support  for program running budget, manage trainers and maintenance of machine etc.  This training take place up to now we use funds from BFG members contribution to empowering Basic sewing cutting training program.


BFG Aspiring hairdressers to complete a state-approved hairdressing training program in order to meet the Certificate and graduate requirements needed to have the skill and competence. Several options exist for prospective hairdressers coaching and mentorship to pursue the empowerment and extremely provides with hands on skill as well in the field of hairdressing. BFG have vocational education program available to students, which enables aspiring hairdressers to complete the necessary education while still attending training. effectively, our students can attend a class in the period of 3- 6 months so that to earn a certificate in the field hairdressing.

BFG reinforcing and empowering  Hairdressing which can generally have an effect of change for persons with disabilities and vulnerable people for being self-employed and skills which offering a range of services and treatments to the hair for individual clients. Also we enabling and empowering those clever hairdressers in program of train for trainers. Can support Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and vulnerable with training in a hairdressing and saloon management as we have committed and resources as well as an organization of the art hairdressing training saloon. and give actual commercial hairdressing experience with quality technical training provided by skilled team trained related in the fields. To provide training programs for our targeted participants. And all the participants have to get high quality learning and hand on skills that will affect training and achievement then tends to improve themselves and their family livelihood.


Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) education is basically our society’s efforts to teach its current  PWDs  and valuable people to have knowledge and skills around computing and communications devices, computing basic and systems that are built with them. Today, everyone needs a basic understanding of ICT and how to make productive use of it, just to be good students, workers and citizens in prefect service , ICT Digital Literacy has been considered as  a basic skill, to education, life and workplace.

Our aim is to create a force that can compete at the market, and therefore help themselves and their families to improve their daily livelihood    After training their must highly believe in their own ability, be decisive enough to make a quick decision, and then follow through with it without second guessing themselves.

BFG have ICT program which is  focused on Persons with Disabilities(PWDs) and Vulnerable People to support to creates an opportunity for them to up-skill in the Open Source and training environments. It also prepares them for the working in Rwanda by enhancing their business skills through soft-skills training modules as well. The three month program will see the participants  through classroom based training and workplace experience.

The program involve the facilitation of training and workplace experience for ninety five   trainees. Fifty of these trainees have completed terms, they had Technical support just like distribute them in cooperative and support to start their own business and others regards to where they can get professional internship.

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