Capacity Building.

Capacity building as a set of activities that expand the scale, reach, efficiency, or effectiveness of programs and organizations. Activities may also leverage resources for programs and/or organizations. For example, capacity building activities help to expand services, enhance delivery of services, and generate additional resources. These activities achieve lasting positive outcomes for the beneficiary populations served by BFG.

BFG considers capacity building activities to be indirect services that enable BFG created Six Cooperatives to provide more, better and sustained direct services. To determine whether assigned national service participants’ activities qualify as capacity building, think about the intended results of those activities. BFG conducted regional empowering on cooperatives and other activities regards on small business and saving in Rwanda. Strengthening was based on training and support cooperatives development and small business which characterized by Youth with Disabilities (PWDs ,Women and  Vulnerable People   Thereby gaining a deeper awareness formation and operation on actual and independent self-help cooperatives. In addition, demanding organizational controls over financing prevented cooperatives from operating as efficient business Entities and delivering services to their members.

BFG Promote effective cooperatives in the fact of combine the knowledge and skills required by members, leaders and employees of cooperatives, and in addition be able to provide their target audience with a full range of organizational options best suited to fulfill their self-help needs. They provide depth knowledge of the legal provisions and the institutional environment governing these various types of self help cooperatives, as well as some knowledge of the type of business. BFG wants to engage in various activities to be able to promote the cooperatives concept not as an objective in itself, but rather as a possible solution to concrete problem.

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