Taking ICT to CITY through Community Knowledge Centres

Posted on May 1, 2015 · Posted in Technical skills

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) education is basically our society’s efforts to teach its current and emerging citizens valuable knowledge and skills around computing and communications devices, software that operates them, applications that run on them and systems that are built with them.

Today, everyone needs a basic understanding of ICT and how to make productive use of it, just to be good students, workers and citizens. Indeed, ICT Digital Literacy has been considered as  a basic skill, to education, life and workplace.
What are these things? How do they work? How do you use them productively? How are they deployed, assembled, managed and maintained to create productive systems? How they are used in specific business and industry settings? What are the underlying science and technologies behind them and how might those be developed to advance ICT fields?

o     Better Future for Generations (BFG) answers the above questions though a strategic mission that starts from the very basic ICT skills, in order to empower our beneficiaries to become more competent in ICT technologies, so they will be successful in their daily activities and careers.
o    Our aim is to create a force that can compete at the market, and be able to create their own jobs and therefore help themselves and their families to improve their daily livelihood.