Posted on April 20, 2015 · Posted in Technical skills

BFG made its own inspection list focusing on key element to check in Public building to comply with accessibility for PWDs as it is attached in following paragraph In that check list we check if the building observes the construction standards facilities for PWDs such as Lift, Sanitary, Ramp, Rooms, etc.

During the inspection, we checked the requirements for accessibility noted what was missing or non-compliant and provided advice and recommendations to the building owner on how to comply, including changing location of some service by locating it on ground level for some old building where it is almost impossible to install facility for PWDs.  In partnership with RHA on 2016 we organized inspection tours, which focused on 2 District of Kigali City: GASABO District & NYARUGENGE District

The targeted building was public building, especially Commercial building; Hospital; Education building and Hotels