Capacity Building

Posted on August 15, 2017 · Posted in Uncategorized

BFG use manuals and training tools exist for conventional forms of cooperatives, such as those activities in the field of technical vocational education training (TVET), advocacy and cooperatives finance. Although now over four years old, is still being widely used and some of the manuals are now being updated and modernized. In addition, however, new types of cooperatives require new types of capacity for which expertise and materials still need to be developed. and Strategy are the driving forces that give the BFG  its purpose and direction.  Service Delivery and Impact are the organization’s primary reasons for existence.  Strategic Relationships, Resource Development, and Internal Management and Operations are applicable to achieve the organizational goals.

BFG apply Strong leadership as the one of the factors to ensure success in capacity building. And this requires board and staff leadership. Organizations strengthening serious about building capacity which was advised to convene a team consisting, at a minimum, of the Executive Director, other staff members selected by the  Executive Director and board members, at least some of whom are in key leadership positions. This team implement primary responsibility for leading the organization’s engagement in the core capacity building activities. There are several advantages to this group approach. By sharing multiple perspectives on some of the problems and issues needed to be addressed it is less likely that problems will be misdiagnosed or that key issues will be overlooked. Another advantage to the team approach is that more people will gain a deeper understanding of critical organizational challenges that can be addressed through your capacity building efforts.